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Freezer price, purchase skills

by:Jingeao     2020-01-08

when choosing freezers, most people mainly look at the price of freezers and think that the price of freezers is reasonable before considering other quality and refrigeration problems, in fact, many times the price of the freezer can not see the quality of a commercial freezer, because the higher the price of the freezer, the better the freezer, the lower the price of the freezer means that the freezer is not good, therefore, there are also skills when purchasing freezers. First, how do you think about the energy consumption of the freezer? Choosing an energy-saving commercial freezer with low power consumption is a wise move to save money for you in the future. On the energy consumption logo, don't jump into the trap. When looking at the daily power consumption of the freezer, you must look at the freezing force of the freezer at the same time. Don't think that the smaller the energy consumption figure, the more power saving, only the best combination of freezing force and daily power consumption can really bring you. 'Province'. Second, how to choose the volume of the freezer is the best for you. Although the large-capacity ice bar will give you a face from the temporary vision, it occupies huge space and consumes a lot of electricity. 'Appetite'It will bring you a lot of worries. In addition, the appearance of the freezer can not be ignored, multiple minds, more attention when buying, more questions, more than, and then make a purchase decision based on their actual needs, buy a satisfactory freezer. Three, how to check the refrigerator quality inspection door seal, door seal is directly to see the refrigerator power consumption and heat preservation effect, but also affect the service life of refrigeration compressor. The freezer of the freezer is generally made of aluminum plate. Check whether the aluminum plate of the freezer has obvious cracks, check whether there are cracks and wrinkles, and whether the thickness of the inner plate is uniform.

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