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Freezer price purchase, need to pay attention to freezer configuration knowledge

by:Jingeao     2020-01-09

1. Firstly, the knowledge needed before and after the commercial freezer purchase
1. Electrical storage: If the voltage is stable and the voltage fluctuation is too large, you need to choose a wide voltage band design, a refrigerator that can withstand various voltage fluctuations, or a high-quality voltage regulator with delay protection.
2. Power consumption budget: the power consumption index of the refrigerator is measured by the manufacturer according to the conditions specified in the standard, which may be slightly different from the actual situation. Input power, input power to run the refrigerator compressor. This indicator can be found on the nameplate or in the description behind the refrigerator body.
3. Compressor production date label: the nameplate of the compressor is marked with compressor model, quantity, manufacturing date, output size, etc. , which can be viewed.
4. Surface inspection: Generally speaking, the appearance is smooth, colorful and rough. The input and output tubes are welded directly to the evaporator at the same time. Re-welding will result in grinding marks.
5. The trademark card is flat and will not tilt. Nameplates, trademarks, manuals, warranty cards, inspection certificates and packaging are consistent and accurate with the product. The specifications of accessories such as accessories are consistent, complete and consistent. Second, buy the freezer to see the system configuration
1, the quality of the commercial freezer compressor is very important, also called the heart of the commercial freezer. Compressors need to buy imported or branded genuine units, and it is more cost-effective to buy branded genuine units.
2. Use of plates: high-quality freezers are more durable than square tubes of cabinets, and stainless steel or magnetic steel shells are used in combination with color steel plates. The insulating layer is polyurethane foam better than foam or compressed wood. Good glass is usually coated with heat reflective glass or hollow glass.
3. Refrigeration tube material: the evaporation tube is made of pure copper coil, which has the advantages of wide width and few pipe joints, and can effectively prevent leakage or blockage of the refrigeration system. The contact between the evaporation pipe and the cooled lining changes from point contact to surface contact, which enlarges the delivery area and accelerates cooling.
4. The choice of refrigerant is an inevitable choice, involving products, personal safety and environmental climate impact, non-toxic and harmless, efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant.

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