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Freezer price, buy four elements

by:Jingeao     2020-01-09

1. Refrigeration performance of freezer. This is mainly mentioned in the cooling temperature and cooling speed. The refrigeration temperature of high-quality freezers is distinguished by the most suitable temperature for food storage or preservation, and step temperature design and zone insurance system are adopted, it can ensure that the juice contained in the food is not lower than the frozen point and keeps it fresh. The high-quality freezer also uses a special-shaped evaporation tube and matches a unit with a suitable refrigerating capacity to make the refrigeration speed of the high-quality commercial freezer faster, so as to ensure the hygiene and safety of the stored food. Second, the power consumption of the freezer. The defrosting process of the freezer adopts dual control of defrosting temperature and defrosting time to save electric energy. Different temperature ranges can be set according to different use requirements. High-quality copper evaporator exerts high-efficiency performance; Imported PU high density insulation, reduce power consumption and energy saving; The computer displays accurately and the adjustable temperature control is suitable for different foods; The rotatable front plate and fresh air trough can effectively cool the unit and prolong the service time of the compressor. Third, the appearance design of the commercial freezer. When purchasing, the first thing that attracts our attention is its appearance, especially in supermarkets. The luxurious appearance is of course more popular with customers. But what cannot be ignored is its firmness. Of course, I hope to use it for a long time, so robustness is a very important performance indicator. High-quality refrigerated cabinets often use high-quality anti-collision profiles, which are non-deformable, corrosion-resistant, durable and can stand the test of time. Fourth, environmental factors. Today's green environmental protection has become the goal pursued by the state and enterprises. With the popularity of the freezer market and consumers' demand for environmental protection, fluorine-free has become a major trend in the industry. The Energy Efficiency Index, degree of non-fluorination and noise level of the product are all new indicators for consumers to inspect freezer products.

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