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Freezer price, basic parameters

by:Jingeao     2020-01-09

I. Basic parameters.
First of all, I must look at the relevant freezer parameters:
1. Energy consumption.
2. Input power. The input power level will stop the refrigeration compressor for a long time. This indicator can be seen on the nameplate or in the instruction manual behind the refrigerator body.
3. Compressor performance.
4. Freezing capacity. Business, medicine, scientific research, etc. are very special, so special attention should be paid.
5. The refrigerator itself is deep, wide, high and thick. Second, the price of the freezer
1 the first choice should be consulted everywhere, buy other products are the same, only by comparison can we know which freezer manufacturers are most suitable for them.
2 brand selection: usually a sign of product quality and reputation. Smart consumers reflect the overall level of the company according to their own needs.
3 check the preservation effect of the commercial freezer, which is also a very important reference factor.
4 in order to identify the quality of the refrigerator door seal, the quality of the door seal is directly related to power consumption and freezing and heat preservation effect, and also affects the service life of the refrigeration compressor.
choose freezer from the perspective of performance and price. Low energy consumption, environmental protection and economy apart from investing thousands of dollars in freezers. This is mainly due to electricity and maintenance costs. Consumers should fully consider these two aspects before purchasing. Third, internal freezer information
consider the information in the commercial freezer
1, evaporator. Try it with a magnet. If you can suck it, you should leave the freezer immediately. Calculating the number of each row, there are currently 8 on the market, 6 Less, 10 to 12, the more natural the better, the higher the density, the larger the heat absorption area, and the better the cooling capacity. At present, there are many silk and official products on the market. Priority should be given to the board of directors. The heat absorption area is large. Obviously, the evaporator will feel cold when opened.
2. Condenser. First determine the position of the condenser, touch it with your hand, and feel the heat for a long time after startup. The temperature of the second touch is uniform and the area is large. The condenser has a large area. The condenser has high area and high temperature. Ability to dissipate heat in the freezer. This is more important information, you must pay attention when buying.

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