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Failure of long startup time of freezer

by:Jingeao     2020-01-10

1. Low gear: Check whether the setting of temperature control gear is too low. Generally, the gear should not be adjusted above 5 gear in summer and the artificial intelligence commercial freezer should not be less than 3 degrees.
2. Low temperature: detect whether the refrigeration temperature is lower than 0 degrees or significantly lower than the set temperature, and analyze it according to the refrigeration and freezing process.
3. Defrosting problem: Check whether the commercial freezer has not defrosting for a long time, resulting in too thick frost layer.
4. Door opening inspection: consult the user whether to open the door frequently and check whether the door seal is flashing. 5. Product placement: do not expose to direct sunlight, have good ventilation, and keep the heat dissipation side at a distance of more than 10 cm from the wall.
6. Low temperature compensation inspection: For single System freezers, check whether the low temperature compensation heating wire is still heated when the ring temperature is higher than 16 degrees. If it is heated, check the magnetic temperature switch, if heating but the magnetic temperature switch is normal, it can be determined that the main control board is faulty.
7. Poor refrigeration effect: Check according to the process of poor refrigeration effect.

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