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Factors leading to unstable freezer temperature

by:Jingeao     2019-12-30

The refrigeration effect of the freezer is not good, the temperature cannot drop, why is my freezer not cooled, the temperature is unstable, etc. All this is mostly caused by the external environment and the incorrect use of human beings. First, the temperature of the freezer is affected by many factors, but the most important factor is the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature rises, the temperature of the freezer will also rise: The first reason is that the ambient temperature rises, which will slow down the heat dissipation of the freezer and slow down the temperature in the cabinet, resulting in longer startup time and increased power consumption. When the ambient temperature rises, due to the large temperature difference between the refrigerator and the inside, the heat dissipation speed of the insulation layer of the cabinet will also accelerate, which will lead to a large loss of cooling capacity, which will shorten the shutdown time and lengthen the startup time, resulting in increased power consumption. Second, the compressor and condenser are important refrigeration components of the freezer. The freezer compressor radiates heat through the condenser. In the summer, the freezer is outside the Sun and the temperature exceeds 45 °c. If the freezer is just in the place where the sun is direct, especially the condenser. Once the freezer starts to work, most of the heat generated by itself will circulate around the freezer. The condenser cannot absorb normal temperature air, and the temperature of the condenser inside may reach above 60℃, far beyond the heat dissipation capacity of the condenser, the compressor will not work normally, not'Strike'Is to report the fault. Third, in the hot summer, do not let the commercial freezer be placed in the sun or the local temperature is high for a long time, try to reduce the number of doors when not needed, this will lower the temperature in the freezer and reduce power consumption! Due to the outdoor high temperature, the heat dissipation of the compressor outside the refrigerator cannot be normal, and overheating protection is extremely easy to occur when the compressor is running, so the refrigeration effect can be imagined. This is caused by the design principle of the freezer, not the quality of the freezer is not good. If the commercial freezer condenser is dirty and stained with a large amount of dust to affect heat dissipation, it will not only shorten the service life of the compressor, but also weaken the refrigeration effect of the freezer.

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