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Does the freezer power off at night save electricity? How to use more power saving?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-06

I. Customer problem reflection:
Customer A: Our convenience store is open 24 hours A day, and the freezer is used 24 hours A day, do you need to stop and rest? Will the compressor burn off if it is turned on for a long time?
Customer B: If the store is open until midnight, if the freezer is not used in the middle of the night, it will be turned off at the right time, and it will be turned on the next day. Will it save the electricity for this half night? In addition, is it cold enough for drinks and food in the next day in summer?
Customer C: supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls and other freezers are necessities and are also large users of electricity. In the face of large electricity bills, it cannot be ignored. How can freezers be used to save more electricity? Second, the misunderstanding of the use of the freezer:
1, misunderstanding- The freezer is open for 24 hours and has a long chance to burn the compressor
each freezer has a thermostat, which mainly regulates the temperature in the freezer. ( There are two kinds of common temperature controllers. ① traditional mechanical type is divided into different gears, each of which represents a temperature range; (2) Microcomputer temperature control, can set the temperature range, temperature control is more precise; No matter which one is to control the temperature in the freezer)
when the temperature in the commercial freezer reaches the range set by the thermostat, the compressor will stop running. When the temperature in the freezer rises beyond the range set by the thermostat, the compressor will continue to work, this is a general attribute of all freezers--Automatic protection function. Therefore, the freezer itself is not working 24 hours a day, and there will be rest in the middle. So don't worry about the 24-hour use of the freezer will burn the compressor.
2, misunderstanding- Power-off at night saves electricity
in order to save electricity, frequent switching opportunities are not good for the compressor of the freezer and are easy to damage. Moreover, if the freezer is turned off and restarted the next day, the compressor will keep working, it will stop when it reaches a certain temperature, which will consume more electricity! On the contrary, when the freezer is always open and its temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will automatically stop, thus saving electricity. Moreover, the temperature is generally low at night, and the door is not very open, so the operation of the freezer is not much, and the power consumption is not large. In addition, our ouxue freezer has a night mode at night, which is more energy-saving. There is no need to shut down at night and turn it on during the day. As for the impact of the shutdown of the freezer on food, there is no doubt that the quality of the items in the freezer may be affected. Third, the power saving method of the freezer:
The power saving of the freezer is not to save electricity from the shutdown, there are some tips for Cher to share with you
1. Clean the freezer regularly. The radiator and condenser of the freezer should be cleaned up. Regular defrosting is also very important, of course, it is still necessary to unplug the power supply before cleaning. Be sure to dry the water on the freezer after cleaning, and do not put a lot of items immediately after starting up.
2. Put the items in multiple times, and don't open the freezer door too many times to prevent air-conditioning from overflowing.
3. Raise the temperature at night. It is suggested that the temperature of the freezer should be raised at night instead of turning it off.
4. Place the freezer in a ventilated and shady place, as far away from the heat source as possible.

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