Jingeao has been focusing on manufacturing commercial refrigerator freezer since 2001



Does Jingeao Electronics provide OEM service?
Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Co., Ltd offers OEM service which makes manufacturing cheaper and more efficient. In China, the OEMs may differ in standards, quality and procedures. Careful consideration must be given. We are now shifting into a service based company from a manufacturing based company. We will offer all round services to you.

For many consumers who pursue car fridge, Jingeao has gained an cults from them. The Refrigerated Vending Machine series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Monitored production process: the production process of Jingeao drinks display fridge is strictly and constantly monitored. A 24 hours shift system is carried out to ensure high-efficiency production. The product is clean and green - CFC-free and ozone friendly. It is quality testes under the assistance of our skilled professionals. The product has minimal vibration during operation.

Thanks to the enterprise culture of Jingeao, we all aim to strive forward at one direction. Welcome to visit our factory!
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