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Correct Method for refrigerator maintenance

by:Jingeao     2020-01-07

maintenance of the commercial freezer is a very important link. The precautions in daily use will greatly reduce its service life. The maintenance method is not correct, so what are the correct methods?
1. Be familiar with the names of various control circuits, site locations and refrigeration systems of the commercial freezer.
2. The working environment of the compressor unit should be well ventilated to avoid adverse heat dissipation affecting the refrigeration effect and service life.
3. The air suction outlet of the condenser is not allowed to be blocked by goods, so as not to affect heat dissipation.
4. The condenser motor runs counterclockwise or the heat dissipation is poor. 5. The freezer condenser should be cleaned regularly to avoid dirty blockage affecting heat dissipation and causing poor refrigeration, thus consuming electric energy to increase the operation cost and reducing the service life of the compressor.
6. If the refrigeration pipeline meets (Rainy days, Dog Days, humid environment) The surface condensation water is a normal phenomenon, and there will be water droplets dripping, which will be automatically eliminated when the air is dry.
7, when'Back to the South' Sometimes some commodities are easy to form condensed water, especially negative one shopping mall, so the commercial freezer cannot pile up such commodities. Otherwise, when the condensed water accumulates to a certain amount, it will flow into the cabinet and cause leakage and trip. Therefore, daily inspection should be paid attention.
These are the details and problems that we should pay attention to in our daily life, so that we can basically maintain the freezer well.

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