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Core Performance quality test of freezer

by:Jingeao     2020-01-10

How to judge the quality of the freezer, is it worth buying. Ou Xue freezer manufacturers made some explanations for everyone, hoping to help everyone.
first, the core of the freezer is its Compressor. A commercial freezer needs to be cooled by the compressor. We can drop a few drops of water on the evaporator to see if it can turn into ice in a few seconds, which shows that the compressor is very good. The high-quality freezer adopts famous brand high-efficiency compressor, which has fast refrigeration, lower noise, safety and stability. Second, the foaming layer of the freezer, because it is the insulation layer of the freezer, the cold air inside the cabinet can be stored, the commercial freezer can be cooled, otherwise, the cold air will run away, and it is impossible to refrigerate the food. The quality of the insulation layer is also important. If we identify a good foaming layer, we should try it by hand. The good foaming is very real, the weight is also very heavy, and the preservation effect and energy saving effect are better. Ou Xue freezer is made of polyurethane foam, which is not only high-strength, high-density, but also safe, energy-saving and beautiful. Third, the evaporator of the commercial freezer is also a very important component, its quality determines the refrigeration speed and preservation quality of the freezer. The freezer adopts full air cooling design, large evaporation area copper tube, fast cooling and strong fresh-keeping display effect.
through the above three core components, the performance of the freezer can generally be well judged, which is very beneficial for us to buy the freezer.

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