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Commercial freezer thorough aseptic work how

by:Jingeao     2020-03-16
< p> in freezers aseptic work thoroughly how to < br /> commercial freezers internal cleaning, maintenance, maintenance is very important, but the freezer door also nots allow to ignore, such as the door closed lax can cause leakage of air conditioning, refrigeration effect is poor. < br /> < br /> the freezer door mold, should how to clean and prevent? < br /> < br /> cloth soaked with alcohol to wipe clean the sealing strip. If you don't have alcohol, wipe with 1:1 vinegar water sealing strip, disinfection effect is very good. Or dip in with toothbrush toothpaste scrub the result is right also. Prevention is mainly at ordinary times often scrub. < br /> < br /> commercial air-conditioner cleaning often mouth, it's time to take a bath your commercial commercial freezer, do a thorough aseptic, more conducive to hibernate after the work efficiency. < br /> < br /> commercial freezers in addition to bacteria, will first power of air-conditioner. The shake handshandle of external parts use alcohol to wipe disinfection, when cleaning the inside of the tank need to remove all food, detergent on the dip in with soft cloth to wipe gently again, then dips in water wipe off the detergent. < br /> < br /> commercial commercial freezer can be removed in the attachment can be removed with water or detergent to clean. And freezers wall after cleaning, can dip in with soft cloth on the glycerin to clean again, so that the next scrub; For commercial freezer seals, available through a cloth soaked in alcohol clean the sealing strip, if you don't have alcohol, wipe with 1:1 vinegar water sealing strip, disinfection effect also is very good. < br /> < br /> commercial air-conditioner temperature is low, but not sterile, bacteria also can grow in a commercial commercial freezer, especially the temperature of 4 ℃ ~ 6 ℃ commercial freezers, freezer, is likely to become the scene of bacteria. If the bacteria proliferate in the food, eat the food, the consequences. < br /> < br /> ark occurrence crack of the door, can cut off the power supply, open the commercial freezer door, use hair dryer to appear cracks in rubber seals of uniform heating, restore to the same level, normal use after cooling to finalize the design. < br /> < br /> the ice melt at the same time, can be mixed with hot water of washing liquid cleaning inside commercial freezers, cupboard door inside and cupboard door sealing gasket, and then rinse off with clear water. On a regular basis for your commercial freezers for cleaning, deodorant and maintenance, to make it more clean sanitation, it's more effective to use. < br /> < / p>
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