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Commercial freezer the computer temperature control system of the cold/quick-frozen function

by:Jingeao     2020-03-13
< p> commercial freezer cold/quick-frozen computer temperature control system of speed function < br /> traditional commercial freezer mechanical temperature control, into a computer temperature control system of refrigeration equipment, new commercial freezer really bring a lot of surprise to people's life. New commercial freezers, how much more open the packing cases and found a screen? As commercial freezer the continuous innovation and progress of science and technology, computer WenKongXing commercial freezer into people. < br /> however, after gaining commercial freezers, the so-called commercial commercial freezer function will use? Believe that many users don't is to know the product function. As the two brothers, & other Speed cold/frozen & throughout; Functions can be said to be very practical. General computer WenKongXing commercial freezers, should have such functions, to provide users with fast frozen cooling effect. Rapid cooling function is to cut freezer temperature quickly, very suitable for cold storage some iced drinks, beer, drinks, etc. And function is to cut the freezer temperature quickly, frozen frozen food in a short time, very suitable for some frozen fish products. < br /> in practice, we can by adjusting the display panel on the commercial freezers, from function selection on the application. But these features also bring some problems, such as commercial air-conditioner compressor need high power operation, power consumption will be increased. This function is suitable for a specific time or needs, such as night watch the game, but there was no cold beer; Need a quick frozen meat better preservation effect. < br /> multifunctional application of commercial freezers for home users to provide more convenient, also make the commercial freezer to keep food cool is no longer so simple. The use of commercial freezers, should be used according to the instructions give full play to the effect of cold storage, to ensure safety production and product quality, the maintenance and good commercial freezer. < br /> warm prompt: commercial freezers was made of insulating material, have fear tide, water features, afraid, afraid of hot, cold, want to good, frost, water, ice, lamp five is the door shut. The hall and the cashier's office wall, ground, door, etc are not allowed to have ice, frost, water, had to root out in a timely manner. < br /> < / p>
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