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Commercial freezer failure frequency noise trouble to sleep now

by:Jingeao     2020-03-16
< p> to great commercial commercial freezer failure problem is noise to sleep < br /> commercial freezers in use process, always there will be a problem one way or the other, often encounter problems after consumers don't know what wrong, so always turn to maintenance personnel, but, if in quality warranty period, won't produce cost, the warranty period, that can produce the door fee, maintenance, etc. , overhead or larger. < br /> commercial air-conditioner compressor needs to add frozen oil, you can. < br /> first, reciprocating compressor oil: reciprocating closed compressor housing for low pressure suction side, note oil compressor suction pipe can be inhaled. < br /> method is as follows: will be included in the number of oil into the bottle, choose a transparent hose, a connected to the compressor suction pipe, the other end insert at the bottom of the oil bottle ( Exhaust joint open) Inside the bottle, start the compressor oil absorption so far. < br /> 2, commercial display cabinets open air compressor or semi-hermetic compressor is equipped with special oil mouth, mouth as long as the special oil injection. Third, rotary compressor oil: rotary closed compressor casing for high pressure exhaust side, when oil from the compressor exhaust joint directly into the mouth. < br /> the snow of air-conditioner mall warm prompt: noise is really make people agitated, the volume will directly endanger human body health. Seriously interfere with people's normal rest, study and work, noise also can also can make us reduce life. Home appliances the noise of the big commercial freezer, let your tongue. Have users, said 50 decibels of the big commercial freezer is disturbing than the street car, simply can not sleep, will be nervous breakdown.

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