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Commercial air-conditioner maintenance knowledge more prolong service life

by:Jingeao     2020-03-16
< p> commercial air-conditioner maintenance knowledge to extend the service life < br /> a lot of soap water, detergent and other cleaning products not only can effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of a commercial commercial freezer, also can't remove silica particles before polishing, and because it has a certain corrosive, make commercial commercial freezer paint have dimmed. < br /> some commercial freezer to make it look more luster, apply some wax products directly to the commercial freezer, or improper use, rather than commercial freezer fog at the surface of the spots. < br /> the commercial freezer to wipe don't use coarse or old clothes, had better use towel, cotton cloth, cotton goods or the good water imbibition such as flannel cloth to wipe. Coarse, cable head cloth or thread, button will cause scratch cosmetics commercial freezer looks old clothes, you should try to avoid to use. < br /> don't use dry cloth to wipe dust on the surface of the commercial freezers, dust is formed by fiber, sandy soil and silica that many people used to use dry cloth to wipe clean surface of commercial commercial freezer. In fact, these subtle grain wipe back and forth in the friction, already damage commercial freezers paint. Although these scratch very little, even naked eye cannot see but over time, will cause the commercial freezers surface bleak and coarse, shining no longer. < br /> the commercial freezers in the sun for a long time, after the heat bilges cold shrink, cause the commercial freezers exterior shape, even the stick a skin peeling. Greatly reduce the service life of the commercial freezers and beautiful. < br /> commercial freezer is an essential part of any brand product sales carrier a display, just want to set up the brand image, brand so as to let the consumer to the enterprise brand make a good visual perception. No matter what kind of products, the company sales enterprises are tailor-made for their products commercial freezers, but if maintain undeserved, can greatly reduce the service life of the commercial freezer. So, the commercial air-conditioner maintenance is a lot of knowledge, should for their own commercial freezers material, to carry out maintenance. < br /> the snow of air-conditioner warm prompt: many commercial freezer nurse on the manual of spray wax can be used to maintain leather sofa, causing many housewives made a mistake. And commercial freezer store clerk know that supermarket freezers nursing spray wax can be used to spray woodiness surface of commercial freezer, not spray on the sofa. Because dermal sofa is the animal's skin, once spray wax spray in the above, the pore that can bring about leather goods jams, over time, the leather will be aging and shorten its service life. < br /> < / p>
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