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Clever solution to the internal leakage of air-conditioner do you know

by:Jingeao     2020-03-15
Clever solution to the internal leakage of air-conditioner < p> you know in a series of air-conditioner fault, there is a called internal leakage, leakage inside there are a lot of the way, have a plenty of air conditioning cold, have a plenty of refrigerants, and lose tube rupture, and so on, so these failures due to appear inside the commercial freezer, is generally not easy to find, so also caused a lot of customers. Now the snow freezers summarized the experience of maintenance, here, to share with you later can use this way to test and maintain. The first method is that by ear to hear, to judge whether the leak by sound. Specific operation is as follows: first all the air-conditioner refrigeration pipes filled with nitrogen. Then use the stethoscope check internal everywhere, when hearing the sound of leak certain parts, make the mark. Of the metal plate, carefully pry open here check with soap water pipeline leak, USES the method of repair welding or adhesive to repair, then fill out the foaming agent, fix up of plates of large pry, quadrilateral glue. The method for micro holes are powerless in the refrigeration system, and easy to cause the mistake or missing. This method is simple and effective, can check out the location. The second is that we already know it is there inside leakage, then can use the substitution method of air-conditioner evaporator, specific operation is as follows: after determining evaporator leakage, can use in the evaporator inside cavity of the finished evaporator, replacement of repair. The new evaporator with the original of air-conditioner refrigeration pipe connection is good, change the new capillary and dryer at the same time. The downside of this approach is the high cost, meet with special shape or many machines of evaporator and the cooling pipe leak appears powerless. This can also achieve a goal, and maintenance. In life, of course, in addition to the two methods, there are many, but generally appear such problems, or to find the snow of air-conditioner professional manufacturers is better, so professional, professional people to do better and more efficiency. < br /> < / p>
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