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Check the new and old quality and running state of the compressor

by:Jingeao     2019-12-28

The compressor of the commercial freezer is the heart of the refrigeration system, and its quality directly affects the performance of the commercial freezer. Therefore, in detecting the quality of the commercial freezer; Detect the new and old and running status of the compressor. We can detect the new and old degree of the compressor from the appearance, which can be checked from the four aspects of appearance, production date, sound and temperature. 1. Appearance: a brand-new refrigerator compressor is usually smooth in appearance, bright in color and not rough. The input and output pipe joints are directly welded to the evaporator at one time. If they are re-welded, there will generally be traces of polishing. 2. Production date label: all new compressors have nameplates, which are marked with the model number, number, factory date, power size, etc. of the compressor and can be checked. 3. Sound: when the compressor starts to rotate, it will not hear mechanical noise, and with the increase of running time, the compressor will make clear, balanced and stable running sound, and the sound will slowly decrease, when the machine is shut down, the compressor will not make an abnormal sound. 4. Temperature: when the compressor is running, touch the shell with the back of your hand, and the shell will be too hot.

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