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Check the freezing phenomenon of the freezer, the cause of the freezing

by:Jingeao     2020-01-03

What is the reason for the freezer to freeze?
1. The temperature is too low: the computer thermostat can directly look at the display screen to accurately adjust; If it is a mechanical thermostat, the gear should be adjusted reasonably according to the seasonal temperature.
2. The door seal is not tightly sealed or the door is opened frequently or for too long. The door seal is a very important component. If the seal is not tight, it will lead to the loss of cold air in the refrigeration room, causing outdoor air to enter, should be timely repair and replacement of new
3, the inner wall of the refrigerator compartment deformation: resulting in separation from the inside of the evaporator to form a gap, which will definitely affect the temperature conduction, cause the compressor to work time extended power consumption increase.
4. The thermostat itself is faulty: if there is a problem with the freezer thermostat, the storage temperature of the commercial freezer will definitely be greatly affected, for example, the compressor will not stop working for a long time. icing phenomenon check
1. Icing: first check whether the commercial freezer has a low temperature compensation switch. When the indoor ambient temperature is lower than 16 degrees, turn on the low temperature compensation switch.
2. The evaporation plate freezes: Check whether the temperature of the thermostat is set too low, or the freezer suddenly places too much load. When the refrigerator is in normal operation, the back evaporation plate will Frost and the frost will melt when the refrigerator is shut down. If the temperature setting is too low or the load is too high, the freezer will have a long cooling time and a short downtime, resulting in the Frost not melting in time.
3. Abnormal freezing: Frost formation in the inner container of the freezer is a normal phenomenon, but if the frost formation is extremely fast, especially many, it is necessary to check whether the door seal is not tightly sealed, causing water vapor in the air to enter the inner container to frost.

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