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Basic quality inspection of freezer system

by:Jingeao     2020-01-03

I. Basic requirements of commercial freezer refrigeration system: ① compressor: seal each nozzle before use and pull out the rubber plug as you like; (2) condenser: paste; (3) drying filter: drying and filtering, sealing before use, unpacking as needed; ④ Capillary: flow rate and pressure drop; ⑤ Evaporator: paste; ⑥ Refrigeration pipeline: the pipeline does not touch, the inside of the pipe is clean, and each welding point does not leak; ⑦ Comprehensive test of refrigeration performance, electrical performance and noise test.
2. Basic requirements for refrigerator insulation system: ① foam quality of cabinet door and door body: appearance, size, foam density and Freezing test. (2) door seal: appearance, size, welding performance, suction and elastic compensation. (3) door seal assembly: no gap, door seal attached to the steel plate has a certain width, the door body opens with a certain force.
3. Basic requirements of commercial freezer temperature control system: ① inspection of thermostat, cold and hot temperature points, consistency. (2) fixing of temperature sensing tube: positioning size and consistency. (3) lighting: open the door and turn on, close the door and turn off, durability. Freezers have three basic functions of refrigeration, heat preservation and temperature control. Refrigeration system is the primary function of freezer; The insulation system is to maintain the low temperature in the cabinet and reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration; The temperature control system is to automatically maintain the temperature in the cabinet within the required range to meet the needs of refrigerated or frozen articles. In order to realize the above three basic functions, the freezer has three corresponding basic components in its overall structure, namely refrigeration system, heat insulation system, electrical and control system.

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