Jingeao has been focusing on manufacturing commercial refrigerator freezer since 2001



Any engineers can help install car fridge freezer ?
You are expected to try to install car fridge first. When there are big problems which cannot be solved themselves, we may send engineers. A team of experienced engineers has been established. They are always ready to solve problems. When the product is customized and the general instruction is not applicable, a specific manual may be provided. If the problem still cannot be solved, engineers may be sent. This is also decided by the distance and the work schedule.

Jingeao has successfully explored a new path for its better development. Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Co., Ltd's outdoor fridge is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Jingeao fridge with screen is manufactured from premium raw materials and by experienced production team according to the formulated production plan. The internal environment of this product can be easily seen through the visible window. When people are wearing this product, for instance, they will effortlessly get the desired elegant and fashion look from it. The product ensures items stay perfectly chilled and attractively displayed.

The goal of Jingeao is to shoulder the responsibility of car fridge. Ask online!
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