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Analysis and treatment of freezer icing

by:Jingeao     2020-01-02

as the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the after-sales department received a report from the customer that the temperature of the freezer could not drop; No refrigeration; Problems such as icing in the cabinet. How can the inside of the freezer freeze and how can it not cool? What causes the commercial freezer to freeze? How to deal with it?
reasons for freezing inside the commercial freezer:
in summer, due to high air temperature and humidity, Frost or freezing in the freezer will be relatively heavier. Freezing in the cabinet is not a good thing. It does not speed up cooling as some people think, but will affect the cooling effect and increase power consumption.
The main reason for the icing in the cabinet is that the humidity in the cabinet is relatively high, and the surface temperature of the evaporator on the inner wall of the freezer is very low during operation, therefore, the air moisture in the refrigerator will gather on the back of the refrigerator and condense into ice or frost. When the refrigerator stops working, the ice can turn into water and flow out from the water outlet due to the rising temperature of the refrigerator. Treatment method of freezer icing:
First of all, attention should be paid to whether the drainage hole is blocked by dirty things. If blocked, please dredge it as soon as possible. And should try to reduce the number of times and time to open the door, after closing the commercial freezer must check whether the door body is closed, to prevent the door seal gap leakage. Finally, there must be a certain gap in the placement of food, especially the food should not be close to the back wall of the freezer. These small methods are useful for preventing freezing inside the freezer.

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