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Analysis and treatment of abnormal work of supermarket freezer

by:Jingeao     2019-12-27

The working time of the supermarket commercial freezer in normal use of the compressor should be shorter than the downtime. If the working time exceeds the downtime, the supermarket freezer is not working properly. Supermarket commercial freezer analysis and processing compressor common five kinds of faults, first, the compressor starts, stops in one minute, and restarts in a few minutes, so frequent and repeated start. The main reason is that the power supply voltage used in the freezer is too high and exceeds the upper limit. It should be handled in time: Stop the Machine immediately and start again after the voltage returns to normal. Second, the refrigerator power indicator light is on, the compressor does not work properly, only abnormal sound'Buzzing'. Cause: The power supply voltage is too low, exceeding the specified lower limit. Treatment method: Stop the Machine immediately and start it again after the voltage returns to normal. If the local voltage fluctuation often exceeds the specified range, it is necessary to install an AC regulator above 1KLA. Third, the compressor has a long running time and the evaporator surface is frost-free. Main reason: there is leakage in the pipeline of the display cabinet, refrigerant leakage or pipeline blockage. Should be handled immediately: Report maintenance, call professional maintenance staff to repair. Four, supermarket freezer evaporator surface frost, and the compressor running non-stop. Reason: too many times of opening doors, poor heat dissipation of condenser and poor ventilation; The failure of the thermostat or the separation of the temperature sensing package from the evaporator causes the evaporator to Frost too thick. Treatment Method: In addition to timely defrosting. Condenser Heat dissipation is not good, poor ventilation can clean the dust on the condenser and fresh-keeping Cabinet compressor; However, if the thermostat fails or the temperature sensor bag is separated from the evaporator, it must be sent to the maintenance office for maintenance. Five, supermarket freezer compressor does not work. Reason: the fuse on the power supply is blown (The power indicator is not on); Control line failure (The power indicator is on); The temperature of the thermostat is too low. Handling: However, the fuse must be replaced when the fuse is blown; Control line failure (The power indicator is on)Please ask the maintenance personnel to repair. If the temperature does not reach, you only need to adjust the temperature.

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