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Air-conditioner maintenance sealing do you know

by:Jingeao     2020-03-17
< p> air-conditioner maintenance sealing you know in the process of air-conditioner maintenance, there is a very important, then the seal. Must have a lot of people don't know is right, this is I'm not very clear, today to see some freezers related information, found the, here to share it. The seal is the last step of air-conditioner refrigeration system maintenance. Supermarket series of air-conditioner have access interface of separate valve repair is a threaded connection pipe and the connection. Sealing, simply unload valve port connecting nut, plugged it with the sealing nut again, ensure that here do not leak. 1. The sealing requirements: freezers and window air-conditioner not access port, is fully enclosed. Valve repair by connecting pipe welding in compressor technology on the tube or welding on low pressure pipe. To remove the three-way valve and the connection of brass, and must ensure that the refrigeration system will not leak, this is the basic requirements for sealing. 2. The method of sealing: ( 1) Let the cooler to work properly, away from the compressor process pipe or with low pressure pipe welding place 15 ~ 20 mm far three-way valve connection copper pipe mouth, to dark red, with gas welding and immediately with the sealing pliers will connect copper pipe clamp. In order to ensure that no leakage, it can be 1 cm apart to clip flat again, can clip 2 ~ 3 times. ( 2) In the distance from the outside a clip flat at 30 ~ 50 mm, with steel pliers will connect copper pipe cutting, remove the three-way valve and the rest of the copper pipe connection. ( 3) With gas welding connection on the air-conditioner pipeline end welding die. Available gas welding will connect the brass flashing after self fluxing exhausted, also can use silver welding end to block. Then submerged check whether good sealing, to ensure no leakage. ( 4) Will remain forming. To see these, everyone is maintenance of air-conditioner, and have a new understanding, in the steady accumulation of knowledge, we also find more skills. < br /> < / p>
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