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According to the performance of the freezer, purchase energy-saving freezer

by:Jingeao     2019-12-28

1. High-efficiency compressor for freezer. Compressor is the heart of commercial freezer and the main energy-consuming component. Adopting high-efficiency compressor is the simplest and most effective measure to save energy in freezer.
second, see clearly the refrigerator's protection measures for air-conditioning. After the freezer that adopts the above energy-saving measures enters stable operation, its power consumption is mainly used to overcome the temperature rise in the freezer to maintain the required low temperature. Is to achieve a higher energy efficiency ratio.
Energy Efficiency ratio is the ratio of actual refrigerating capacity to actual input power during operation when the refrigerator is cooled under rated working conditions and specified conditions. The higher the energy efficiency ratio of the refrigerator, the more electric energy it saves when the refrigerating capacity is equal. According to the logo, choose and buy the commercial freezer:
1. Power consumption: Do not use the power consumption marked on the nameplate of the freezer to compare the efficiency of the freezer. Because their total volume, refrigerating chamber volume and freezing chamber volume are not necessarily the same, even if the volume is the same, their working temperatures are not necessarily the same.
2. Energy efficiency coefficient and energy efficiency identification: energy efficiency coefficient is used to judge the energy efficiency level of different types of fresh-keeping cabinets, and is an absolute data to measure the efficiency of freezers under a unified standard. The smaller the energy efficiency index, the more energy-saving the fresh-keeping Cabinet.
3. Energy saving label and energy efficiency label: the freezer with energy efficiency label is not necessarily an energy saving fresh-keeping Cabinet. Whether it saves energy depends on its energy efficiency coefficient or energy efficiency, etc.

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