Jingeao has been focusing on manufacturing Commercial Refrigerator since 2001


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Grinding sword in a decade, focusing on development

Founded in May 2001 and having already focused on the R&D and production of special commercial refrigerators over a decade, the Company has invested in the construction of the state-owned industrial land covering an area of nearly 14,000m2 and the workshop 15,000m2 in Longshan Industrial Park, Cixi City. Possessing the complete production line for modern commercial display refrigerators from the sheet metal, spraying, foaming, general assembly, test, and packaging, the Company has the annual designed production capacity of 500,000 machines, with the daily output of 100 medical case over 700L and 600 small display cases. The Company plans to invest in the expansion of the production line dedicated for medical refrigerators on the nearly 6,000-m2 factory land not established yet, and at that time, 200 medical refrigerators over 700L will be produced per day. To make exquisite products and improve the efficiency, the Company has been the first to lead the concept of exchanging people with robots, and purchased the advanced machine tools like numerical control bending and numerical control press in sheet metal, thus guaranteeing “fastness, accuracy, precision and excellence” in R&D and product manufacturing. Over ten years’ focus on marketing and services of special commercial refrigerators in the international market makes the Company get the fixed customer base in markets in Europe and America, Middle East, Russia, etc so far; also, its products are dominated by customization or joint investment and development, and the Company enjoys long-term and stable customer resources. Therefore, the Company has already won a place for itself in international commercial special refrigerators and possessed the strength of steering the industrial orientation.


Jinggeao is growing in going upwards, and get lots of honor from this proccess, it's a gond reputation, it;s a result from hard working of jingeao prople,jingeao people will get more reutation bu their endless learning.



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