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A method of cooling of air-conditioner

by:Jingeao     2020-03-18
< p> the freezer of a cooling method of air-conditioner refrigeration method has many, but widely used rarely. Why is that? That is because different freezers, used in different places, need to adopt different ways of cooling, so the formation of such situation. Today is to introduce a kind of rare air-conditioner refrigeration method Phase change cooling. Not in the refrigeration industry friends, estimates that have never heard of it. I didn't see, also is today to check the data, the following to share it. Freezers phase change cooling are in the process of the change of state of material, such as melting, evaporation and sublimation etc. , all want to absorb heat, therefore there are cooling. Using the phase change cooling, the temperature of the system can achieve depends on the material phase change temperature, and the refrigerating capacity of the system is obtained, depends on the phase change latent heat of the material. In order to receive refrigerating capacity for continuous, keep system required by the low temperature, must be constantly added phase change material. And supplementary way of phase change material has two methods of one-way and circulation, the solid melting and sublimation is a one-way cooling, liquid circulation cooling can be realized, because after vaporization of phase change material can use some method to liquefaction, used for circulation. Due to the latent heat of vaporization, liquefaction is very big, so the supermarket of air-conditioner refrigeration capacity is very strong. At present, the widely used way of phase transition cycle refrigeration has the following two kinds: ( 1) Vapor compression refrigeration cycle. To evaporator steam cooling after pressure to condense into liquid, and then evaporates, so cycle, that is the vapor compression refrigeration cycle. and household air conditioner adopt this way of refrigeration. Will be used in air-conditioner refrigeration working medium filling in a sealed system, liquid working substance after throttling device throttling depressurization, medium pressure in the evaporator evaporation heat, is a low temperature and low pressure steam, and then through the compressor adiabatic compression into high temperature and high pressure steam, the last is liquefied in the condenser heat release, and then enter the throttling device, so as to complete a refrigeration cycle. ( 2) Absorption refrigeration cycle. Absorption refrigeration cycle using heat source provided by the heat energy, make the working medium produces circulation. It with absorber and generator parts instead of the compressor, and adopts two kinds of working medium, low boiling point working substance called refrigerants, high boiling point working substance called sorbent, and the role of other components and principles and basic same vapor compression refrigeration cycle. There are two loop with absorption refrigeration cycle, its working process is: the liquid refrigerant after throttling device throttling depressurization, medium pressure in the evaporator evaporation heat, into a low pressure, low temperature of the refrigerant vapor enters the absorber, after absorbed by absorbent strong, forming a high concentration of refrigerant solution, and solution heat release. Refrigerant solution by the pump to the generator and heated by heat source to heat up, produce high pressure refrigerant vapor and sent to the condenser and mid-cooling condensed liquid refrigerant, and the rest of the dilute solution in generator after decompression and back into the absorber. This is a freezer phase change cooling process, the freezer more commonly used in a special place, because it can make the cooler temperature is very low. < br /> < / p>
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