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A lot of tea classification of freezer preservation requirements

by:Jingeao     2020-03-14
< p> tea classification of air-conditioner preservation requirements more, < br /> because of the rich in tea tea polyphenols, polyphenols, vitamin C and carotene, extremely easy oxidation, therefore the environment temperature, relative humidity, peculiar smell, light, air and microbial will influence the quality of the tea. To make it not bad, it is important to note: avoid high temperature, avoid high humidity, avoid light, avoid the oxygen. < br /> in daily life is used to store the tea material with aluminum foil compound bag, instruments, and a combination of these. Appliances in tin can, for good, other POTS, metal boxes, etc. Preserved by compound bag tea in bags into the best appropriate tea special antistaling agent. < br /> in all of the tea, green tea is the best to put in freezer storage. If saving time is short, need to drink at any time, green tea can be put into the freezer, and the temperature of the commercial freezer to 5 degrees Celsius; < br /> but if unopened tea, want to save more than a year, should be put into the commercial freezer. In addition, because tea is & other; Good at & throughout; Absorb the taste, so as to prevent the tea into the freezer & other Deodorant & throughout; Before the tea into the freezer to seal, and in full amount in the packing bag is special antistaling agent, had better use aluminum foil bag packaging material. It is important to note that from the freezer after tea, do not open the packing, the correct way is: after the remove of air-conditioner in the tea let its slowly heat up, after being up to room temperature ( Usually every other day) Open the bag, and then bubble to drink. And it is best to drink in half a month. < br /> relative to green tea, oolong tea, black tea, jasmine tea don't have to be put inside the freezer to save. Due to the content of polyphenols in oolong tea and black tea is lower, the speed of aging metamorphism is slow, easy storage; < br /> the scented tea with rich fragrance, under the condition of low temperature preservation could suppress the aroma, reduce the aroma of fresh lovely degree and concentration. Therefore, as long as in a dry and sealed, avoid light, avoid odor in the container, can be saved for a long time. Puer tea is the best room temperature preservation, also need not use desiccant.

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