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A brief analysis of the classification of supermarket freezers is necessary for purchase

by:Jingeao     2019-12-27

supermarket freezers are mainly distinguished from the use temperature, refrigeration system layout, appearance and structure, etc. Supermarket freezers are classified by temperature 1. Refrigerated cabinets refrigerated cabinets are mainly used for storing and displaying fruits, vegetables, meat products, fresh fish, refined meat, beverages, etc, the refrigerator cabinet means that the temperature in the cabinet is kept within the range of 0 to 10 degrees, and can be used to store different articles according to different design purposes, while the temperature in the refrigerator cabinet is much lower, usually in-Below 18 degrees, used to freeze food to keep fresh. 2, refrigerated freezer (Also known as double temperature cabinet) It has the functions of a refrigerator and a commercial freezer, and can store different types of food. According to the refrigeration system classification 1, all-in-one machine (Built-in) The freezer has a refrigeration unit and a cabinet body (General refrigeration unit is placed at the bottom of the Cabinet) The condenser is cooled by the air in the store, which will increase the cooling load of the air conditioning system in the store, and the noise is large, but its structure is compact and flexible, and it can be placed in different positions according to the use requirements of the store, easy to promote, easy to place. The built-in freezer is suitable for medium and small convenience stores and small-scale converted or expanded stores. 2, split type (External) The refrigeration compressor, condenser and electric controller of the commercial freezer are set separately, the compressor and electric control cabinet can be placed in the machine room, and the condenser can be placed in a well-ventilated place outdoors, the compressor and condenser can also be placed in a well-ventilated place outdoors, such as hanging on the outer wall of the supermarket, just like a split air conditioner, so the noise is low, and the heat dissipation of the condenser has little impact on the environment in the store, helps to create a good shopping environment. The split display cabinet can be a display cabinet with a compressor and condenser, several cabinets can share a compressor and condenser, and the compressor can be a single head (Medium and small shops), Can also be multi-head (For large shops). However, its performance is closely related to the construction quality, and once positioned, it is very difficult to move. So it is especially suitable for large supermarkets. According to the structure classification of cabinet Parts 1, the closed commercial freezer is fully enclosed around, but there are multi-layer glass doors or covers for displaying food or for customers to take food. The articles in the closed display cabinet are isolated from the outside world and have good cold storage conditions, which are suitable for displaying foods with high requirements on storage temperature conditions and sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as ice cream, cream cake, etc; It is also used to display medicines with strict hygiene requirements for the storage environment. Closed Display cabinets have low energy consumption and can play a dual role of display and storage when used in shops with small passenger flow. 2. The open freezer has an open pick-up position, and customers can freely contact or take the goods. Open display cabinets provide customers with a casual and relaxed shopping environment to promote the sale of goods, so they are especially suitable for large supermarkets with large passenger flow and frequent use of goods by customers. The open part of the open display cabinet is generally separated from the outside world by the air curtain. The air curtain can be one, two or three layers. Generally speaking, the more the air curtain layer, the better the heat preservation effect. As the ambient air at the Wind curtain continuously seeps into the heat. Therefore, compared with the closed display cabinet, it consumes more energy.

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